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A Dungeons and Dragons Sci- Fi Audio Drama,


Episode 13

Published on:

19th Jan, 2021

Episode 12

Published on:

12th Jan, 2021

Episode 11

Published on:

5th Jan, 2021

Episode 10

Published on:

29th Dec, 2020

Episode 9

Published on:

22nd Dec, 2020

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About the Podcast

A Space Opera DnD Audio Drama
A highly edited D&D 5E actual play in which a three peculiar spacers traverse the many perils of the Antiminous Galaxy, and forever etch their names among the stars. We break the bounds of traditional epic fantasy, and reach for the starlit enterprises of the universe beyond.

We are a growth oriented show, and promise to strive for excellence and promise to leave the politics OUT of your entertainment.

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